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Increase your 2020 tax deductions and keep more of your money this

tax season

Get our proven framework to help find your overlooked tax liabilities right now!

Every April, 10's of millions of Canadians spend far more than they need to in income taxes and mortgage payments.


We at the CashFlow Academy have built a systematic approach to coordinate the correct tax structures and tools (directly from the Canadian Tax Act)

We can SAVE $600-$800 of every $1000 you currently in outgoing payments (taxes, payments, expenses)! 

Once the right strategy is learned & obeyed - anyone can increase their wealth with mathematical certainty.

Average Canadian


The typical Canadian homeowner only sees 30% of their income after income tax and mortgage payments!

How Can We Help?


In this FREE MRi, we at the CashFlow Academy (CFA) meet with you remotely for a 1:1 consultation


(no group webinars here)


In the CashFlow MRi, we examine your own personal income tax return (T1) confidentially to identify & measure any overlooked existing liabilities.


We provide a step-by-step education & diagnostic framework, that GUARANTEES to reduce income, inheritance, and investment taxes.


Our mission is to put more of your money towards your desired lifestyle and less on current expenses.

No credit card needed. Done for 100s of other Canadians. Guaranteed Results

“The CashFlow Academy team has really unlocked some amazing strategies and frameworks to help hard-working people keep more of their income, I can't thank them enough for what they've been able to do for my and my family”

Peggy McColl


“ AMAZING, Getting to spend more of my income on my lifestyle and not on taxes and payments has given me the time freedom I never thought was possible. Get a MRi, its free and you'll definitely be grateful you did."

Raymond Aaron


The CashFlow MRi

Pre COVID-19: $249 FREE

What you get:

  • Identify & measure overlooked tax liabilities 

  • Personalized Free Assessment and RRSP Alternative Strategy

  • Diagnose Financial Gaps and Increase CashFlow 












Due to COVID-19 we cut the cost to help more Canadians 

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