What’s the PURPOSE

of money in your life?

What ROLE does money play in your life & in your families life?

Is it to Live to Work! OR Is it to Work on Living !

According to a Federal Government Report

Statistics reveal that the majority of homeowners & taxpayers have a high probability of OUTLIVING their money & savings?

Why is this happening?

Apparently, the majority of investors according to government reports are following by default the popular uncertain financial journey to earn, save, grow & accumulate their money.


So, what is the alternative certain journey to saving & accumulating money ?


The ONLY certain alternative Is to acquire the foundational financial knowledge sometimes referred as The CashFlow Formula is to produce the level of monthly cashflow that makes working for an income or paycheque optional on your terms, not someone else’s


There are several certain steps & Sequences within The CashFlow Formula, that the wealthy have inherited & adopted for generations.


A CORE element within one of the steps in The CashFlow Formula is The B.Y.O.B Strategy -

How to Be Your Own Bank?

Do you know…

How to Reverse Engineer, the precise & certain strategies, tools & solutions to your advantage, that the banks USE to generate their predictable & consistent profits?

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Explore, how you can with certainty:


  1. Increase current paycheque by reducing income taxes
  2. Increase retirement income by reducing projectable income taxes
  3. Increase inheritances by reducing projectable income taxes
  4. Pay mortgages & bills with 50 cent dollars
  5. Convert lifetime income taxes into Cashflow producing assets
  6. Convert current & future liabilities into permanent "generational" assets.
  7. Maximize C.R.A and the financial institutions to your benefit
  8. Predictably attain your Money & Time freedoms a.sap

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Federal Government Report (100 pages) - Why financial literacy exists


The 10 Blames Report… reasons why most taxpayers outlive their money & savings


10 RRSP/RRIF facts the government doesn’t want you to UNCOVER


Mobile app (IOS & Android) - how to USE the banks money like they use your money

Your FREE CashFlow MRi assessment

Includes sharing the uncertain & certain impacts between:

  1. Earning Income Vs Generating CashFlow
  2. Saving Money Vs Working Capital
  3. Becoming Rich Vs Being Wealthy
  4. Retirement (uncertain) vs Time Freedom (certain)
  5. Leaving Inheritance vs Creating Living Legacy

Don’t miss your FREE opportunity to

Measure your existing financial Recommendations independently,

helping you identify, any overlooked certain opportunities

or/& mismanaged uncertain

gaps or losses that exist, why & what’s your


Apply your knowledge into your certain

“Money & Time Freedom” outcomes


Your knowledge creates a competitive advantage,

Your biggest investment is in yourself,

make your choices wisely to convert uncertainties to certainties - CFA 

Nothing comes to you until you commit yourself,

Nothing comes to you, if you are just going to try, but youre not committed.

Nothing comes to you, if you’re just thinking about it,

It’s not until you take the action step,

It’s not until you take the direction, Do the things start to FLOW through you - CFA